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Feeding Frenzy where you must defend the Fridge at all costs!

Fridge Fairy is a fast paced quick-play game introducing Fridge Fairy, a Fairy hired by the powers that be, to guard and protect the Holiest of the Holiest Fridge's. One could say that this is a cross between a cooking game and Duck Hunt. As Fridge Fairy, you've been ordered to distribute food to the children of the land. The children are simple and will tell you what they want, however they will raid the Fridge if you don't feed them in time. You don't want that as this violates the natural balance of things! Defend the Fridge at all costs, and feed the children with haste!

How To Play

Select a food item from the fridge and toss it at the right child. This can get tricky as some kids are more fidgety than others, so master the art of the precise aim and post your high score!

Release date Aug 04, 2015
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags2D, Creepy, kids, shooter-fixed
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button